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Curriculum Vitae William Ibrahimchah


The international dimension of my culture and my life experiences brought me to be an open minded person, being able to master four different languages which is useful when one is destined to work in the hotel industry.
My origins are Greek / Lebanese but I mainly lived in Paris.

The European, North American and Middle Eastern cultures are very familiar to me and bring me ease and expertise in human contact.
At Les Roches university, I have been able to develop my social network thanks to the fact that more than 90 nationalities are spread across the campus. I have learned also to adapt to different types of people and situations, work under pressure and to assume the responsibilities that are entrusted to me.
Highly reactive, a taste for Challenge, I am a hard-working person and I love the job to be done on time and not postpone to tomorrow what can be done today.


Les Roches Bluche – Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – 2015