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A commitment to serving our extended Alumni family throughout their career.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Les Roches Alumni network?
The Les Roches Alumni network consists of a community of 10,000+ alumni. Its goal is to nurture the Les Roches Spirit and support all Les Roches Alumni worldwide during their professional and personal lives. Les Roches Alumni are represented in 60+ countries worldwide by local communities or “Chapters”. Each Chapter has one or more Chapter Ambassadors who are responsible to engage and support the local Les Roches community. The Chapters are supervised by the LRAA Committee, which is elected by the Alumni every three years.

How can I be part of the Les Roches Alumni network and how do I stay connected?
If you have graduated from Les Roches, or if you have reached the last semester of your curriculum at Les Roches, you are automatically a Les Roches Alumni. Please sign up to the alumni platform on alumni.lesroches.edu. Aside from the Alumni platform, we encourage you to stay connected on social media. The Les Roches Alumni Facebook group has over 4,500 active members and there are many Facebook groups dedicated to local Les Roches communities all over the world. We also recommend that you follow Les Roches Alumni on LinkedIn.  

I have difficulties connecting to the Les Roches Alumni Platform or I have lost my credentials
If you can’t connect your personal account on this platform, it is for one of the following reasons:

General Login / SignUp Issues

The majority of user issues relating to signup can be resolved by following these steps:

1. The invitation email link expired
Contact the team at alumni@lesroches.edu if your one-time link to set a password has expired. 

2. I need to reset my password.
Simply click on SignUp/SignIn and the link "Forgot Password" appears under the username. You will receive a link by email to reset your password.

3. I cannot remember my login name.
A user's login name is their email address, if you cannot remember your login email address, you can visit "Reset Password" and enter any of your email addresses. The email that does have an account associated with it will receive an email from the system with a link to reset your password.

4. I signed up twice
If you have signed up twice using two different emails, you can request a records merge once logged into the application. The user must define which account is the primary and which is being merged into the primary. If you have any problems, contact alumni@lesroches.edu and the team can look after this for you.

5. I spelled my name wrong.
Once you have been accepted into the alumni platform you can correct the spelling of your name in your profile section here.

6. I need to change my email address.
Once you have been accepted into the alumni platform you can change your email directly in your profile section here.

7. If you have an account but have lost the email address associated with it
If you lost your email address, please click here to create a new account.

I need a copy of my degree/transcripts or other school certifications: What is the link?
Please request a copy of your academic documents from the Registrar for your school using the contact details below. Please be aware that waiting times may vary depending on the time of year.
Crans Montana registry@lesroches.edu
Marbella registry@lesroches.es

How can I receive emails about the Les Roches Alumni network activities? (events, jobs, …)
If you have a personal account on this platform, you need to authorize us to send you emails by adjusting your contact preferences within your profile. By default, GDPR legislation forbids us to send you email campaigns without your explicit consent.

How can I organize an event for alumni / promote an event to alumni?
You can contact us at alumni@lesroches.edu, please send the full details of your event including a high-resolution image. Your request will be reviewed within 24 hours. Once approved, it will be published on the events page to all relevant alumni.

How can I promote career opportunities to Les Roches Alumni?
You can post any jobs to the alumni network. Please visit the Careers hub here and click on Post a Job on the left side of the screen. If you have any additional questions on how to do this please contact alumni@lesroches.edu

I am looking for a new career opportunity or career support
We recommend that you visit the Careers Hub here on the alumni platform. This houses a live job board, plenty of articles on career change, interview advice, and much more. We also recommend that you network with your fellow alumni in the company or city you are planning to relocate to. You can do this on the alumni platform and on any of the social media groups on Facebook. 

Job boards
All vacancies specifically addressed to Les Roches by our business partners can be found on our live jobs board within the Careers Hub here

I am moving to a new city/country. Can the local alumni community offer support?
Yes, absolutely. We recommend you contact the Chapter Ambassador of your new city/country. You can access the list of all alumni Chapters worldwide here. We also recommend that you reach out to your fellow alumni for tips and support via the Facebook group dedicated to Les Roches alumni in your new city/country,

I would like to promote my company or a project to the Les Roches Alumni network
Les Roches encourages all alumni to promote their ventures and projects. You can send us a request by email at alumni@lesroches.edu. Please describe your project; how it would be of interest to the Les Roches community, and if you are offering any special rates. 

Promote your project on Les Roches social media
We encourage you to post articles about your project (e.g. company website, press article) on LinkedIn and Facebook and use the hashtags #LesRoches, #LesRochesspirit, and/or #LesRochesalumni. If you have press/online magazine articles featuring your project, please share them with us and we will consider posting the details on the alumni social media groups /pages alumni@lesroches.edu

Promote your project by offering special deals to fellow alumni
A great way to promote your company or project is by offering advantages, deals, discounts, or other benefits to fellow Les Roches alumni. If you think this is of interest, please contact us at alumni@lesroches.edu.

Request to be interviewed by the Les Roches Alumni Team
Are you an entrepreneur? A business leader? Or do you simply wish to share your personal story? Then, you may indicate your interest in being interviewed by the Les Roches Alumni Team, please email the team at alumni@lesroches.edu

Present your project to Les Roches students during a class
Can your project/company relate to a class taught at Les Roches? Then, you can request to give Les Roches students a presentation during an on-campus lecture or a webinar. Contact the alumni team at alumni@lesroches.edu. Please note that the presentation must bring a pedagogical added value to students and cannot only serve to promote your business.

Hire Les Roches alumni
We actively encourage our Alumni to hire from within the community. Within the Careers section, you will find a live jobs board of vacancies at all levels worldwide. Simply click here and on the left side of the page, you will see the Post a Job button. Posting jobs is free. 

I would like to contact a fellow alumni, but I don’t have his/her contact details
Using your user login, you can search alumni and registered recruiters in our directory filtering them by keywords and other criteria (e.g. location). Please note that you will only see the profiles of those users who consented to appear in the directory.