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Recommend Les Roches

You know someone who would thrive at Les Roches...

…And you know what Les Roches makes possible for those with potential. The everyday experience, the multicultural community, the international internships, the Les Roches Way of Life - it all comes together to help unleash greatness, and you’re the proof.

Share the Les Roches Way of Life

We want to help more students follow in your footsteps, and you’re the best person to point them in the right direction. So, if you think Les Roches would be good for a friend, and you know they have the academic merit to apply successfully, then take a minute to open their life up to endless, international career pathways - tell us about them using our online form and we’ll tell them all about Les Roches.

Referring your friend has so many benefits:

- Help unlock the career potential of someone you care about

- Help grow our school and alumni family with the best students

- A Les Roches degree opens doors internationally. Open that door for someone.

As a Les Roches alumni, anyone you refer will receive priority treatment, including first-priority application review, and we will waive their application fee. 

How it works:

1. You fill out the form recomending a friend (Student's Details)

2. We reach out to them to discuss their goals and Les Roches

3. We support them with their application

4. They enrol and begin their own Les Roches journey

This is your chance to connect your friend to a school, community, network and "Way of Life", that will help them thrive. We can all remember the moment we discovered Les Roches, give the gift of that moment to someone you care about.

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