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Dima Madbak's CV


I want to make the world a better place, and that starts with making a difference in the daily lives of people, whether guests or fellow employees. The ability to relocate would give me a wonderful opportunity in not only discovering another gem of the world, but to also immerse myself into the culture and lifestyle, something I have always dreamt of. I am a perfect candidate as I am highly motivated, both self-motivated and motivated by my surrounding, a team worker, an independent worker, a person who is great at multitasking, as well as an extremely positive person who is always glad to lend a helping hand to anyone who might need it. I want to reach all I can be in the world, and I do have very high standards. I hope to become a Regional Director.

Professional experiences

General cashier


From September 2016 to Today

• Assisted the Director of Finance with pre-opening budget in relation to guidelines provided by FRHI.
• Created the preliminary Payroll scheme with the guidelines provided by FRHI.
• Created the departmental training manual for all non-managerial positions with the guidelines and job breakdowns as provided by FRHI.
• Completed Critical Path items, policies and procedures, amongst other Critical Path requirements.
• Created, validated and submitted expense reports and expense requests for all departments, alongside created the expense report reconciliation.
• Assisted the Director of Finance with post-opening budget in relation to guidelines provided by FRHI, and in accordance to the meetings with the Heads of Departments.
• Created the Departmental Training Calendar to be introduced and trained within the course of the year.
• Began the House Float & Petty Cash Reconciliation.
• Created, validated and submitted travel request forms for all departments.
• Created the filing and sorting method for all contracts and legal documents within the Finance Department.
• Assisted in the Pre-Opening Payroll.

Finance coordinator of the student social committee


From January 2016 to May 2016

I was the Financial Coordinator of the Student Social Committee at Les Roches which is responsible to raise funds to organise the Graduation Dinner of the semester. I would handle all finances including payment of costs and allocation of cash and budgets for various events along the course of the semester.

Accounting intern

Hyatt Regency Birmingham , Birmingham - Internship

From July 2014 to December 2014

I conducted a six month internship starting in July and ending in December within the Accounting department. Specifically, I had worked within the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Cashier, Income Auditor, Payroll and Receivables. I was responsible for all reconciliations within the hotel from Credit Card reconciliations to Income reconciliations, conducted on a daily basis. Furthermore, I would hold the credit meeting and write the meeting minutes, alongside answer any email or phone inquiries about billings and invoice requests. Additionally, I would count floats and enter the income into the system and to the bank, as well as cross check the inventory requests and order inventory. Another duty that I had was enter the Hyatt stars into the system, as well as assist the Director of Finance with any daily tasks that he needed assistance with. I managed to work side by side with the Sales & Catering departments as there was a Conservative Party Conference (CPC) occurring in the hotel and they needed all the help they could billing guests amongst other duties.

Cultural night -arab countries- team leader


From October 2013 to October 2013

I was the team leader of the Arab Countries Team for Cultural Night of 2013.2, where I was responsible for setting the order amount for all the ingredients for the food stand, as well as the organisation and preparation of the decoration stand, amongst other duties.

Cross-departmental intern

Four Seasons Hotel Amman , Amman - Internship

From January 2013 to July 2013

I conducted a six month internship starting in January and ending in July within the departments of Accounting, Concierge, Kitchen, as well as the Telephone Operator (PABX). Within the Accounting department, I was responsible of the reconciliation of the Micros Checks with the Daily Income via Opera. Within the Concierge department, I had answered any guest inquiries and reservation requests, whether via email correspondence, telephone or face-to-face. I had also handled guest complaints and assisted the Front Desk in basic tasks such as renewing room keys. In regards to the Kitchen department, I was working within the Breakfast Buffet, Pastry, the Italian Cuisine Restaurant as well as the Asian Cuisine Restaurant. I was assisting with the mise en place of each kitchen and learning the basic recipes as well as improving my cooking skills. Last but not least, within the Telephone Operator department, I was responsible for answering and transferring both internal and external calls, recording messages and wake up call requests, as well as handling the mail and facsimile services and maintaining the cleanliness and state of the business centre, amongst other tasks.


Jordan River Foundation , Amman - Others

From July 2011 to July 2011

I volunteered with a few of my schoolmates to improve the physical state of various public schools around the Capital of Amman, Jordan, over the course of a month.


King Hussein Cancer Foundation , Amman - Others

From March 2010 to March 2010

I volunteered with the King Hussein Cancer Foundation with the help of fellow classmates as well as peers from different schools to spread awareness about Breast Cancer and raise funds for further research alongside helping less fortunate people pay for their chemotherapy bills.


Model United Nations , Cairo

From March 2010 to March 2010

I was selected with a few other peers of mine from Amman National School to travel to Egypt to represent the school and the country within the Model United Nations. I was the delegate of Egypt, and I was, with many other delegates from around the world, discussing recent issues and ways to solve them, thus simulating the United Nations as well as improving my own interpersonal skills such as confidence, public speaking, analysis, amongst others.


Jordan River Foundation , Amman - Others

From July 2009 to July 2009

I volunteered with a few of my schoolmates to improve the physical state of various public schools around the Capital of Amman, Jordan, over the course of a month.


Les Roches Bluche – 2016


Arabe - Native language

Anglais - Native language

Espagnol - Technical


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